Advanced Coating With
Balzers Technology and Machines

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Thin films that make
all the difference.

The coating processes and systems developed by Beyond Coating generate coating layers with well-defined and reproducible properties. Whether your aim is immediate success with proven coatings, or the joint development of innovative solutions, Beyond is your ideal partner to provide a competitive advantage.

A variety of processes are used to enhance the surfaces of tools and precision components and to improve their behavior and performance. Beyond has developed the following technologies and respective surface solutions, and offers these coating services for small or large applications.


PVD can be run faster reducing cycle times and enabling the production of more components in less time and giving components longer life cycle.


Improving the life and productivity of production saves on time and cost allowing companies to transfer the saving to their customers.


Beyond provides unmatched quality, representing the ultimate in customer satisfaction to our PVD coating customers.

Beyond Innovation.
Beyond Technology.

Beyond Coating Technology boost the performance and efficiency of tools and precision components. With our state of the art equipment we can achieve and improve their operational performance. Get in contact with a Beyond representative for a solution to your application.

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We Optimize the Performance of Multiple Markets

Cutting Tools, Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Energy and Engineering

No matter which industry you are part of, Beyound Coating Technologies can add outstanding value to your tools or precision components. Get in contact with us for a quote, technical question or simply help you with any coating need.

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